WOD 6/19/17

We focused on our lifting today. Now that I’m a week into my prep I’m still trying to hit my main lifts as well as bumping up my volume and accessory work. 

Brooks did bench press and chest accessory work and I did lower body with deadlifts, squats and glute accessory work. 

Bikini Competition Prep Vlog: #4 Social Media

I wanted to give an glimpse into why I post on social media and the issues that come with it.


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WOD 6/18/17  

Brooks and I only had time for a short conditioning medley today between church and getting him off to work. It was quick but very effective especially with the added weight of the plate carriers! We did: 

1 min GHD raises

Tire flip

150 ft keg carry

Tire flip 

1 min GHD sit-ups 

Tire flip 

Duck walk

Tire flip

1 min Russian twists

Tire flip

150 ft sandbag run