Practical Conditioning

We have been putting together interval conditioning workouts almost everyday for about a month now. The general outline is a set number of exercises consisting of 30 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest moving between each exercise. We both find repetitive workouts such as AMRAPs or typical crossfit WODs to be motivation killers and tend to lead to slower recovery for us. We also want to put together circuits that target our entire bodies and encourage us to push each exercise to our limits and see improvement in strength and conditioning everyday. The awesome thing about these workouts is that both men and women can do them together because every movement is scaleable!

You can increase or decrease weight, change the number of exercises, increase rounds, and by doing fewer reps. We started with 9 exercises and currently have worked our way up to 12. I have seen so much improvement in my conditioning, strength, and physique with these workouts; my arms, legs, back, and core all have developed like crazy and my cardio has gotten better too.

We use our Kabuki Strength Shoulderök (the crazy mace looking thing I am swinging in this video) at least 3-4 times a week for shoulder health and core and grip strength and it works wonders! Yet another instrument that can be used by everyone and scaled to whatever weight is needed.

You can learn more about Kabuki Strength here:

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I’m wearing Born Primitive clothing and they have some of the best workout clothes I’ve owned. You can shop here:

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Authored by: Amanda Laughlin (MrsNarc1911)

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