Strongman Medley Workouts

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, Brooks and I both tend to burn out quickly on the typical “crossfit” style conditioning workouts but at the same time see their benefits. Recently we began researching and expanding our strongman equipment and quickly fell in love with the movements. We immediately noticed improvements and felt the movements were much more natural feeling than, say, a clean and jerk or snatch.

Our research led us to some strongman medley/relay ideas which we used to develop our own programming. We still are very new to the strongman world and are grateful for so many informative websites and videos.

Our medley today was 10 minutes of work total. The time began with a 100 foot yoke walk, Brooks did 185 pounds and I did 135 pounds. After this we shuttled one of three implements 50 feet back and forth. These were farmers carries (Brooks did 140 pounds and I did 106 pounds), sandbag carries (70 pound sandbag), and explosive sled pulls with 75 pounds.  Brooks did his workout in a plate carrier with three loaded mags, around 20 pounds extra weight.

While it was exhausting and a huge mental grind, it also was the most fun I think I have ever had doing a conditioning workout! There is something empowering about moving heavy weights for an extended period of time and this is one of the major differences between this workout and any of our previous conditioning workouts.

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