WOD: 5/25/2017

Strongman Medley work for our conditioning today, this was after a long range session and some weight lifting earlier.


50 lb sandbag

Keg filled with sand

Drag sled with two 45 lb plates

Yoke (we used Spud yoke walk straps since we do not have a yoke yet)

Tire (ours is about 400 lbs)


Set a cone and one implement at 50 feet. A second cone at the start point along with the rest of the gear.

Hit go on a 12 min timer. 

Walk down to the cone and back with the yoke/yoke straps. This is done just once since it’s takes too long to get into and gives too long of a break

You then rotate through the implements  50 feet down, switch implements and 50 feet back. Every time you reach the start cone go flip the tire.

Repeat until the timer goes off.

This video switches back and forth between us, just to show the movements, but we do these separate, one goes for 12 min straight while the other films then switch

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