WOD: 5/29/2017 Active Recovery

Today is a much needed recovery day for us.  Neither of us respond well to full on rest days with no activity, but we do need days where we are not stressing our CNS and allowing our muscles to recover.  So we choose to do some sort of activity to get our blood flowing and work on mobility work. For us we tend to use our Assault Airbike for recovery work, but rowing, a brisk walk, light jogging or swimming all work for a lot of folks too.

We started with 15 minutes on the air bike at a light pace. for us this means about 5 miles at 50-55 RPM.


Then we worked mobility with tools like the Kabuki Boomstick, Acumobility balls, Donnie Thompson Bowtie, resistance bands and Voodoo floss bands. We are working on a mobility article soon.



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