DIY Blocks for Block Pulls and Deficit Deadlifts 

Yet another DIY project we did recently! We’ve been trying to implement deficit deadlifts into our deadlift accessory work and wanted to have a platform that was quick, easy, and adjustable. Enter cutting horse stall mats into squares. The other benefit is being able to use them for block pulls as well, something else we wanted to add into our workouts but didn’t have anything to use for the blocks.

We sectioned off each horse stall mat into 12 squares. We used 4′ X 6′ 3/4 inch thick mats. 

Using a straight edge we scored each line before cutting all the way through the mat. We found this helped keep the line straight once we took the straight edge away.

Starting at one end, we then cut completely through and let gravity help pull the cut apart as we went.

I did the smaller sections and somehow took longer than Brooks!

The finished result! They work great and are quickly adjustable to whatever we want to use them for.


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  1. Adam says:

    What are the measurements of the blocks?


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