Filling a Keg for Strongman

Filling a keg for strongman work is a relatively simple process, but there are a few tricks to make to process easier.


Equipment we used:

We filled this keg to weigh 80 pounds total.


We used a screwdriver and mallet to press down on the valve and release the pressure. We were surprised how much pressure was built up considering it was a brand new keg. It took a couple times before all the pressure was dissipated. This is important to do in order to avoid the spear flying out of the keg and potentially causing injury to someone standing nearby.


Once all the pressure was bled off, we began to remove the spring. You’ll be able to see the crack where the spring and neck of the keg meet. We used a chisel to separate the spring from the keg but any sharp, flat object will do.


After getting the spring started it was easy to pull out the rest of the way.


Here you can see the spring after its been removed from the neck of the keg.


Once we removed the spring we were able shift the valve until the small tabs were aligned. You might have to use a tool to tap at the valve to get it to shift. After the tabs were aligned we began pulling the valve out of the keg.


Here’s the valve after we took it out completely.


With the valve removed, we were able to fill the keg with sand.


Once we filled it to the desired weight, we used a 2 inch rubber plumbing cap with a hose clamp to cover the opening.


We haven’t had any issues with sand leaking out at all so the cap seems to be doing its job!



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