Custom at Home Workout Plans 

An issue folks can run into when researching fitness programs to do at home is the large expense behind purchasing all the equipment required. Even at home programs you can find online, are often written with special equipment, which means you have to purchase additional or specific equipment in order to follow the program. These programs require you to invest sometimes hundreds of dollars into equipment in order to follow that particular program. I’ve personally run into this issue where I found a workout program but didn’t own all the equipment and there was no listed alternatives to incorporate into the workout.

Our WODs we post are even an example of that.  We put them up for free every day, and get a lot of great feedback from people following them or modifying them, but we do use a lot of equipment that plenty of people do not have available.  This program takes the guess work out of modifying or scaling it yourself.

With this plan, I will assemble 3-4 custom weekly workouts based upon your current equipment availability or write you one that requires no equipment at all. This is not a cookie cutter program, but truly custom workouts to help you reach your goals. Thats why I will write your workouts every week so we can adapt and adjust on a week by week basis, rather than having a months worth of workouts dumped on you all at once with no way to adjust or scale them. This custom workout plan is less than buying one piece of at home gym equipment such as a kettle bell!

This also includes any questions you might have along the way that I will answer via email or text. .

Custom At Home Workout Plans

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