WOD 7/18/17

More odd object carries and fun! 
Brooks and I constantly try to implement new exercises into our routines as a way to avoid becoming bored and also work different muscle groups. These carries not only tax the entire body, but also challenge you mentally as there is so much to focus on while blocking out the voice inside that wants to give up. Quitting doesn’t lead to success! 

Our medley today consisted of:

100 ft Texas Power Concepts circus dumbbell carry (85 lbs of “how do I hold onto this?!”).

Tire flip 

100 ft keg overhead carry (we got a new keg today so I carried that one and Brooks carried the 85 lb one with sand in it) 

Tire flip 

100 ft atlas stone/sandbag carry 

Tire flip 

100 ft Beast Metals farmers walk 

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