WOD 7/20/17

Today we went to the range with Tony from Real world Tactical, Chris Duffin, and the crew from Kabuki Strength Lab. 

The drill we all ran through combined strength and conditioning with shooting. The exercises we did were:

  • Sprint 
  • 5 sandbag clean and squat (I brought the sandbag to my shoulder and squatted for 6 reps) 
  • 4 140 lb sandbag over the shoulder 
  • 380 lb farmers walk (200 lbs for me) 
  • 10 sledge hammer hits 
  • 10 shoulderök swings 

At each station we shot 3 rounds (had to hit all 3 before moving forward) on an 8 inch steel swinging gong before and after performing the exercise. 

To start we did the sprint and first exercise and the next round we repeated the sprint and first exercise and added the next exercise and continued adding repeating the prior exercises each round so by the last round we had done 5 rounds of sandbag clean and squats. 

Here is a sneak peek of the day and be sure to stay tuned for more videos coming soon! 

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