WOD 7/21/17 

Today was our last day at Kabuki Strength Lab and we had another great day of training! In the morning we were able to work on some Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) using the boomstick, pain pill, geisha roller (Thompson X-Wife) and acumobility balls. We also were able to try out the Kabuki Transformer Bar for 4 sets of squats. 

In the afternoon, Tony (Realworld Tactical) put us through one of his vigorous workouts! It definitely showed us where we are deficient in our current training and what we need to add. 

We began with 10 hex bar deadlifts into a hex bar farmers carry for approximately 80 ft with the weight we deadlifted. 

After three sets of deadlifts increasing weight on each round we had a sled loaded with a 100 lb plate attached to our waist, deadlifted, walked five steps, deadlifted again, and repeated for 80 ft. Once we reached the end we did a resistance band exercise focusing on high knees and explosive power for the 80 ft back. 

We then moved onto 80 ft sled pushes for 3 rounds with various resistance band exercises focusing on explosive power for 80 ft back. 

After sled pushes we did 3 rounds of burpee box jumps and each round was followed by a sandbag carry down and back. 

To finish the workout we did 2 sets of 10 landmine twists to work the core. 

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