Strongman Saturday – 8/12/2017 – Free!

We are hosting our first workout at our gym for Free!

This one will all be about strongman implements for everyone of all strength and skill levels.

This will be done in two stations:

One will be a medley of various weighted carries (like you see in many of our workout videos). These might be farmers walks, keg carries, sled pushes, sandbag carries and more. These are scaled so people of all strength levels can compete.

The second station will be your chance to check out the various strongman equipment that we work with and have to offer our clients to train.

You will have a chance to try out:
Atlas Stones
Farmers carries
Tire flips
Sled pushes
Log or axle clean and press
Keg carries
Duck walk
Circus dumbells

This is completely free, we will accept donations to help offset our costs, but seriously don't feel obligated. We just want folks to have a fun workout together, intoduce our training methods and let people know about the business.

Please RSVP on the Facebook event page so we know how many people to plan for.

Contact Amanda at (360) 224-0896 for more information.

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