WOD: 8/2/2017

Today was project and new gear day in the Laughlin house. We started the day with fasted cardio and went right into making some more Atlas Stones. Then our @roguefitness order showed up, so we assembled everything and reorganized more of the gym. So our lifts were way late tonight.

We both worked bench press on the new @westsidebarbellofficial bench from rogue. Then did some @mbslingshot work.

Some dips, followed by a lot of accessory work with Fat Bells (we added 3 new sets to our existing 3 sets). These included incline presses (new incline bench), incline flys and hand presses with the Fatbells. We both of course warmed up with the shoulderok and Boomstick.

Born Primitive Thin Blue Line shorts (15% with code Narc1911).

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