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Kabuki Shoulderok Use for Improving Shooting Performance


A quick video on how the Kabuki Strength Lab Shouldrerok can be used to improve shooting performance and grip strength

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Holster fit for Glock’s with a Compensator 

Here is a quick YouTube video we put together going over holster fit with the new Mayhem Syndicate carry comp on our Glock 19. This compensator/barrel combo brings the 19 up to Glock 17 length and thus far fits all of our Glock 17 holsters. In this video she demos it with a Safariland 6354 DO, Raven Concelament Holster and G Code OSL Holster.

Our previous Compensator on our Glock 19 brought it to Glock 34 length, and was supposed to fit in Glock 34 holsters. But the problem we found is that it didn’t work on Safariland ALS holsters. It would lock up entirely and require us to completely disassemble the holster to get the gun out. The second problem with the other comp was that it used set screws to keep it on. These came loose all of the trine and even with lok tite it required multiple tightenings every range trip. This problem has been eliminated with the roll pin on the Carry Compensator.

Check back later this week for live fire testing videos.

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