Meal Prep Recipe: Teriyaki Chicken Thighs

With Brooks starting to bulk, we brought back this recipe into our meal prep arsenal. Brooks has increased his calories as well as his macro intake and this meal is a perfect blend of protein, carbohydrates, and fat! It can be made with or without rice depending on your personal goals and tolerances. What you’ll…

Meal Prep Recipe: Salsa Chicken 

Here is another great meal prep recipe that is quick and customizable to your taste!  Macros per 5 oz serving: Calories: 204  Protein: 33g Carbohydrates: 16g  Fat: 2g

What Our Day to Day Eating Looks Like 

Here is a quick rundown of typical meals we eat in a day! We’ve had people ask about what our day to day eating looks like so I put together this videoing showing what our grocery layout usually looks like as well as talking about our meals. 

Meal Prep Recipe: Ground Beef Bowl 

This is a super easy and delicious recipe that you can customize to your taste buds and macro requirements! It also is great to make ahead and portion out for the week.  Ingredients: 2 lbs ground beef (we use Costco 80/20 lean ground beef)  Seasoning to taste  Begin by mixing the ground beef and seasoning…

WOD 7/25/17 

It was hot and sunny in the PNW today!  Brooks and I did a carry focused medley and it was a good one.  100 ft Beast Metals farmers walk  Tire flip  100 ft keg overhead carry  Tire flip  100 ft duck walk Tire flip  100 ft Texas Power Concepts circus dumbbell carry  Tire flip  100…

Meal Prep Recipe: Grilled Chicken 

We were looking for a new, quick way to make chicken thighs and put together this tasty recipe! Since we do large batches of chicken for meal prep, it is nice to find different ways to prepare it to avoid getting tired of eating the same meals week in and out. This recipe was used…

New YouTube video: Carne Asada Meal Prep

We just posted our first in our series our meal prep videos we are doing on YouTube. Pleae go check it out, comment with feedback and subscribe. Featuring seasonings from Tacticalories