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Kabuki Shoulderok Use for Improving Shooting Performance


A quick video on how the Kabuki Strength Lab Shouldrerok can be used to improve shooting performance and grip strength

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Holster fit for Glock’s with a Compensator 

Here is a quick YouTube video we put together going over holster fit with the new Mayhem Syndicate carry comp on our Glock 19. This compensator/barrel combo brings the 19 up to Glock 17 length and thus far fits all of our Glock 17 holsters. In this video she demos it with a Safariland 6354 DO, Raven Concelament Holster and G Code OSL Holster.

Our previous Compensator on our Glock 19 brought it to Glock 34 length, and was supposed to fit in Glock 34 holsters. But the problem we found is that it didn’t work on Safariland ALS holsters. It would lock up entirely and require us to completely disassemble the holster to get the gun out. The second problem with the other comp was that it used set screws to keep it on. These came loose all of the trine and even with lok tite it required multiple tightenings every range trip. This problem has been eliminated with the roll pin on the Carry Compensator.

Check back later this week for live fire testing videos.

How To: Installing a Mayhem Syndicate Carry Compensator in a Glock 19



A quick DIY on how to instal the new Mayhem Syndicate Carry Compensator. This comp brings your Glock 19 to Glock 17 length and works in all of our Glock 17 holsters.

See Mayhem Syndicate for more.

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WOD: 6/7/2017 – Range Workout



Today was an active recovery day for us, which means no lifting and only mild cardio. We spent the afternoon on our feet at the range, which included a lot of shooting on the move.  We finished it off with some 50 yard sandbag sprints to target, drop the bag, draw and fire.  Stay tuned for a detailed post on range workouts and integrating fitness and firearms training.

Starting Strongman (Strongman)

We have been putting together some gear for doing more strongman work. We started with building a homemade 2″ axle bar, then ordering some Spud Inc. Straps for Yoke walks and today our 70lb log bar arrived. This was our first time doing the yoke walks and the log clean and press. Only our 3rd or fourth time each trying continental cleans with the axle bar. We finished things off with some farmers carries.

Neither of us by any means plan on competing in strongman. Just like how neither of us our competitive powerlifters or bodybuilders. But doing this strongman work is a fun way to get in shape and test our bodies in different ways.

Next up for us will probably be a keg for lifting/carrying, a circus Bell and some atlas stones.

Essential Handgun Drills

Very few of us, myself included, are lucky enough to have enough time in our schedules to shoot and train as much as we like.  Even when I was the range master for my department, spending 2-3 days a week at the range training, I often didn’t get to shoot all that much.  My time was spend lecturing, running the line, demoing, coaching, diagnosing problems etc.  I wasn’t able to, nor would have it been professional to, just jump in the line and start blasting round with the trainees. Often times I would only have 15-30 minutes to train drills by myself. These are the six drills that cover the bare minimum I want to  be proficient on demand with.

  1. One Round from the ready
  2. One Round from the holster
  3. Two rounds holster or ready (see above)
  4. Two rounds one target, two rounds a second target, holster or ready (see above)
  5. Two to the body, one to the head, holster or ready (see above)
  6. Six rounds, holster or ready (see above)

The Importance of Dry Fire

Anyone who has taken a class from me or followed me for any length of time knows that I advocate for consistent dry fire with their weapon systems.  Dry fire is not a miracle answer and still takes concentration and work, but repeated short dry fire sessions done right will do more than more live fire time for many shooters.

For new shooters learning to shoot a firearm fast and accurate is a difficult skill. The noise and explosion of a firearm creates tension in the body and a startle response.  This fatigues new shooters fast.  Combine this with a lack of familiarity with a weapons system means there is a lot going through a new shooter’s head.  Often times with a brand new shooter we can only get 50-100 live rounds down range before fatigue kicks in and training starts to degrade, which you may have noticed at the range already.  That little good reps behind the trigger is not enough to build our skill set to the level on unconscious competence, unless we do it on a regular basis.  With dry fire you can easily get 100-200 repetitions in several times a week.

Dry fire helps familiarize you with the feel of the gun, your carry or duty gear, the trigger, and fundamentals of marksmanship. When it is time to actually fire live ammo you have already built confidence, familiarity and a level of competence on demand for your draw, stance, grip, sight picture etc from ritual dry fire.  Which allows you to best use your range time.  You can then focus your live fire range time to both do what you cannot do in dry fire as well as confirm your dry fire technique is consistent with your live fire technique.

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