Meal Prep Recipe: Overnight Oats 

Here are a couple of our favorite overnight oats recipes. With Brooks bulking these are a great high calorie, well rounded option for him to grab for a quick breakfast or snack. The recipe also can be easily altered to best fit your macros and taste buds! These are our two favorite flavors. White Chocolate…

Meal Prep Recipe: Teriyaki Chicken Thighs

With Brooks starting to bulk, we brought back this recipe into our meal prep arsenal. Brooks has increased his calories as well as his macro intake and this meal is a perfect blend of protein, carbohydrates, and fat! It can be made with or without rice depending on your personal goals and tolerances. What you’ll…

WOD 10/02/17 

Brooks and I were running short on time today between my client sessions so we quickly did a conditioning workout mid-lift! We each did 10 sledge hits on each side.  ​​

WOD 9/30/17

Brooks and I got in this quick but brutal conditioning workout after our lifts today. It was raining and we both were feeling fatigued from lifting but we got it done! 💪🏼 150 ft Husafell stone carry  150 ft yoke walk  ​​

WOD 9/28/17

It was a warm one today and our conditioning medley was brutal! 1 min battle ropes  100 ft drag sled  1 min Russian twists  100 ft push sled  30 kettlebell swings  100 ft bandbell bar overhead carry with fat bells suspended on each side  20 burpees  ​​ ​​

WOD 9/26/17 

Trying to soak up as much of this PNW sunshine as we can! Today’s medley consisted of:100 ft farmers walk Tire flip  20 sledge hits (10 each arm) Tire flip  100 ft keg overhead carry  Tire flip  100 ft sled drag  Tire flip  100 ft bandbell bar overhead carry with two fatbells suspended on each…

WOD 9/23/17 

We were able to enjoy the sunshine today and pulled the yoke out to do some atlas stones over the bar. And Brooks had the chance to wear his new Roizo grip shirt. It felt great to get reps with the 14″ stone especially while I’m cutting and feeling weaker in general. Brooks rocked the 16″…

WOD 9/22/17 

I was able to squeeze in a quick conditioning workout with Brooks before he heads off to work and I head to train some more! 3 rounds: 100 ft keg overhead carry  100 ft drag sled  10 sledge hits  100 ft sandbag carry  ​​

WOD 9/21/17 

Brooks and I were finally able to get in a conditioning workout today! 100 ft yoke walk 100 ft suitcase carry Atlas stone over the shoulder  100 ft drag sled  100 ft sandbag carry 100 ft duck walk  100 ft bandbell bar overhead carry with fatbells suspended on each side ​​​​ ​​

WOD 9/18/17

Starting off the week right with a great leg day!Hip circle warm up (lateral steps, monster walks, Kabuki Strength Lab shoulderök front squats)  3×3 Transformer bar squats  5×3 box squats  3×10 goblet squats  3×10 weighted lunges  3×15 weighted GHD raises  4×15 hip thrusts  3×20 frog pumps 1×10 weighted step ups ​​

WOD 9/17/17 

The rain wasn’t going to stop us from getting a great conditioning medley in today! 1 min GHD sit-ups  5 keg clean and press  1 min GHD raises  150 ft farmers walk Sandbag over the shoulder  150 ft fatbell overhead carry 30 kettlebell swings  ​​

WOD 9/16/17 

We decided to switch things around today and do our conditioning medley first while the kiddos napped. Brooks and I did an implement heavy one and it was a kicker!  Circus bell/fatbell press  Tire flip  100 ft farmers walk Tire flip  100 ft duck walk  Tire flip  100 ft sandbag carry  Tire flip  5 log clean…