WOD 6/27/17 

Well we finally are getting back into our regular workout routine and it feels so good! We both did upper body lifts focusing on biceps, triceps, and shoulders and then did an awesome conditioning medley. 

150 ft yoke walk 

Tire flip 

150 ft keg carry

Tire flip

150 ft duck walk

Tire flip

150 ft @roguefitness push sled 

Tire flip

150 ft drag sled using the new harness 

Tire flip

150 ft sandbag run​


WOD 6/25/17 

After spending a busy weekend with family in 90 degree heat Brooks and I were not feeling much like working out but we still wanted to get our bodies moving. We both did upper body focused lifts with Brooks focusing on chest and me focusing on biceps and shoulders. 

We also got out our atlas stones and did some stone lifts over the bar which was an incredibly fulfilling feeling! 

WOD 6/24/17 

We had another super busy day with family today! We were on our feet in the hot sun from 11 am on including a 3 mile walk with each of us carrying tired kiddos most of the way. 

Once we got home and all the kids in bed, the last thing we wanted to do was workout but we made it happen and are very glad we did! 

We took the Rogue Fitness push sled out and did some sprints with 155 lbs and then I dropped it down to 110 lbs and did a few more sprints to really burn out my legs. 

After our sprints we did a large assortment of grip strength exercises including axle bar and sandbag rows, pinch grip, captain of crush grippers, inverted kettlebell presses and overhead kettlebell holds. Brooks also did GI pull-ups, one handed Shoulderök swings, and grenade curls. 

WOD 6/22/17 

Brooks and I did a super quick and deadly conditioning medley. We were short on time but still wanted to get a workout in and we got to use our new Rogue Fitness harness and push sled. 

Pull the sled the length of our yard about 90 ft100 ft push sled 

1 min air bike sprint 

WOD 6/21/17

To celebrate the summer solstice we got outside and did our workout in the sunshine! We just got a new dog sled from Rogue Fitness and it brought a new level of exhaustion to the mix! 

For 10 minutes we alternated between:

50 ft keg carry

50 ft duck walk 

50 ft sled push 

Tire flip each time we came back to the starting line 

Bikini Competition Prep Vlog: #4 Social Media

I wanted to give an glimpse into why I post on social media and the issues that come with it.


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WOD 6/16/17 

It was Brooks’ first full day back to work after a wonderful vacation. Luckily the weather had cleared up when he got home and we were able to get in a great strongman conditioning medley! 

10 minute suicide runs of:

50 ft keg carry

50 ft duck walk

50 ft sled drag 

Atlas stone/sandbag over the shoulder at the beginning and end 

WOD: 6/15/2017

Today’s conditioning was simple, wet 400 lb tire flips down 50 feet and back. We both had just finished a long lift session together. Plus Amanda did fasted cardio earlier and I had a SWAT callout, so we were pretty beat before we started this. ​

So for Amanda her workouts looked like:

AM Fasted Cardio: 15 min Assault Airbike

PM chest and triceps hypertrophy work with the tire flip finisher.

For Brooks it was Shoulder hypertrophy work followed by the tire flip finisher.

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