WOD 9/18/17

Starting off the week right with a great leg day!Hip circle warm up (lateral steps, monster walks, Kabuki Strength Lab shoulderök front squats)  3×3 Transformer bar squats  5×3 box squats  3×10 goblet squats  3×10 weighted lunges  3×15 weighted GHD raises  4×15 hip thrusts  3×20 frog pumps 1×10 weighted step ups ​​

WOD 9/17/17 

The rain wasn’t going to stop us from getting a great conditioning medley in today! 1 min GHD sit-ups  5 keg clean and press  1 min GHD raises  150 ft farmers walk Sandbag over the shoulder  150 ft fatbell overhead carry 30 kettlebell swings  ​​

WOD 9/16/17 

We decided to switch things around today and do our conditioning medley first while the kiddos napped. Brooks and I did an implement heavy one and it was a kicker!  Circus bell/fatbell press  Tire flip  100 ft farmers walk Tire flip  100 ft duck walk  Tire flip  100 ft sandbag carry  Tire flip  5 log clean…

WOD 9/15/17 

Between client appointments and wrangling the kids, it was getting late by the time Brooks and I were able to get our workout in so we decided to throw it back to a variation of our old conditioning medleys! 10 rounds of 45 seconds work/15 seconds rest: Wall balls  GHD sit-ups  GHD raises  Russian twists  Goblet…

WOD 9/14/17

Brooks and I haven’t done a “suicide” type of conditioning medley in awhile so we put this brutal one together! 10 minute running clock alternating between: 75 ft yoke walk 75 ft fatbell overhead carry  75 ft sled drag  ​​

WOD 9/13/17 

Brooks and I put together a kicker conditioning medley today! Atlas stone of the shoulder 100 ft yoke walk 20 sledge hits 100 ft Farmers carry 30 kettlebell swings 100 ft overhead keg carry 100 ft drag sled 20 burpees

WOD 9/12/17 

Between Brooks working a bunch of overtime and my client schedule we weren’t able to workout together. Brooks crushed shoulders and I did chest and triceps!  ​​

WOD 9/11/17

Brooks and I took advantage of the PNW sunshine and got a great conditioning medley done outside! 100 ft yoke walk  100 ft farmers walk 100 ft keg overhead carry  100 ft sled drag  100 ft sandbag carry  100 ft Bandbell bar overhead carry  ​​

WOD 9/10/17 

Today Brooks and I had to do solo workouts. He did chest and triceps and I did shoulders!  ​​