Sponsors/Discount Codes

Kabuki Strength Systems Discount Code: Brooks10

An organization devoted to optimizing human performance via innovative methods, tools, and education. Chris Duffin is a world record powerlifter and inventor of numerous products such as the Shouldrok , Broomstick and Duffalo bar that we use constantly.

Acumobility Discount Code: Narc1911

The Acumobility ball is the first and only flat based trigger point ball specifically made for active mobility.  A technique where you put the muscle through its full range of motion as the ball stays in place on a specific trigger point, for a deep and effective release.  The stable platform and tacky texture allows you to use the ball on any floor or wall surface so you can take your mobility anywhere you go.  This all in one mobility and stability ball can be used for upper body strength exercises like push-ups and planks.  It is also perfect for self massage and getting into all the hard to reach spots.

 Fit SupplementsDiscount Code: Anchorasalutis

Our goto line of supplements, including whey protein, preworkout, BCAA, and post workout recovery.

Gargoyles Eyewear Discount Code: Anchora

Performance eyewear we wear for working out in, protecting our eyes while training with firearms, at work on patrol and SWAT, as well as for everyday wear.

Hand Armor Chalk

Hand Armor Liquid Chalk is a liquid based, High-Performance Sports Chalk, that dries on your hands within seconds.

• Antibacterial

• Patent-Pending formula

• Lasts longer than regular chalk

• No mess

• Better grip

• No Chalk Dust- chalk dust is harmful to the lungs

• Prevents blisters

If you don’t like the liquid chalk, Hand Armor Block Chalk has the highest-density Magnesium Carbonate of any imported chalk on the market. Used by professional teams and athletes, in a variety of sports, from weightlifting, and powerlifting, to rock climbing and more!

Fight Soap 

Fight Soap®: the world’s ultra premium brand of combat hygiene made for the toughest fighters and athletes on the planet. Fight infections like ringworm, staph, impetigo, and herpes with good hygiene. Made for MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Military, Law Enforcement, Tactical Enthusiasts, and all Extreme Sports. Proudly handcrafted in the USA with the highest quality ingredients handpicked from around the world.


Small batch, healthy, natural, gluten free seasonings, spices and rubs. We use these in our meal preps daily.

TimTam MassagerThe TimTam Power Massager massages muscles to help break down knots, increase blood flow, and release stored lactic acid.

SandBar HandcareThe SandBar is hands down (pun intended) the best tool for callus control. But callus buildup is only one part of the problem. Thick, overly hardened skin needs a special kind of love to stay healthy. Our quest to create the only Complete Callus Management system was missing one key component… a moisturizer that wouldn’t make our hands lotiony (thats a word, right?) soft but would keep the layer of crust from cracking. Thus, BarButter was born.

Through trial and error, careful research and many test runs, we painstakingly formulated BarButter to provide your skin with nourishment and moisture only using high quality, natural ingredients (mostly organic, hooray earth).

Mark Bell’s Sling Shot

The best wrist wraps, knee and elbow sleeves for lifting out there. They are also the makers of the Slingshot and Hip Circle that we use in our workouts every week.

Strength Shop USA

Strength Shop was established in 2009 to provide an outlet for the growing number of consumers looking for somewhere to purchase strongman/strength orientated goods.

Bench Blokz

BenchBlokz is designed with four(4) different “board press” height variations in one compact, lightweight, easily portable unit. It attaches directly to the bar,  maintains perfect alignment on incline, flat, and decline bench presses, and weighs less than one pound.

Kettlebell Kings

Fantastic kettle bells including competition grade kettle bells!

Recon Rings

Silicone based wedding rings for those who live in kinetic environments.