Sponsors/Discount Codes

Kabuki Strength Systems Discount Code: Brooks10

An organization devoted to optimizing human performance via innovative methods, tools, and education. Chris Duffin is a world record powerlifter and inventor of numerous products such as the Shouldrok , Broomstick and Duffalo bar that we use constantly.

Born Primitive Discount Code: Narc1911

Activewear that supports law enforcement, military and fire.

Gargoyles Eyewear Discount Code: Anchora

Performance eyewear we wear for working out in, protecting our eyes while training with firearms, at work on patrol and SWAT, as well as for everyday wear.

Fight Soap 

Fight Soap®: the world's ultra premium brand of combat hygiene made for the toughest fighters and athletes on the planet. Fight infections like ringworm, staph, impetigo, and herpes with good hygiene. Made for MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Military, Law Enforcement, Tactical Enthusiasts, and all Extreme Sports. Proudly handcrafted in the USA with the highest quality ingredients handpicked from around the world.


Small batch, healthy, natural, gluten free seasonings, spices and rubs. We use these in our meal preps daily.

Beast Metals 

Strongman and Powerlifting Gear. Beast Metals made our farmers walk handles and is making our Viking 650 Press.

Mark Bell's Sling Shot

.       The best wrist wraps, knee and elbow       sleaves for lifting out there. They are also the makers of the Slingshot and Hip Circle that we use in our workouts every week.

One Shot Industries  Discount Code: Narc1911

One Shot Industries® makes badass products for badass people….and dogs too. Awesome T shirts, rifle slings, ear pro covers, holsters and more.

Dynamic Weapon Solutions   Discount Code: Narc1911

The best handgun slide milling and coating out there.

Other Companies we have worked with:

Action Target (steel targets we use)

SKD Tactical (Gloves)

Impact Weapon Components (IWC)

G Code Holsters

TYR Tactical

Talon Grips

Patriot Defense Gear (slings)

Dangerous But Good

OC Tactical

American Trigger

Falkor Defense

Mag Pod

Multitasker Tools

S3F Solutions

Safariland Group

Shadow Valley Weapons