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First and foremost we want to be healthy. We want to feeling better every day, energy for chasing around a horde of kids, enjoying an active life and for Brooks fitness is an absolute necessity for his job as a Police Officer and SWAT Operator. Obviously we also need to be fit as trainers. No one wants to take advice or be trained by someone who doesn’t even bother to stay in great shape themselves. How we get to this has evolved over the years as our goals and involvement in the fitness industry has changed.


A solid foundation of strength and knowledge of the major power lifts is key for all other areas of fitness so these lifts (bench, squat, deadlift and a variation of standing press) will always play a central role in our training. This is where we started our fitness journey together, first with doing a 5×5 style progression and then about a year working with Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program. From here we developed an interest in Strongman style odd object lifts like atlas stone lifts, kegs, log clean and press, axles, farmers carries, tire flips, duck walks, sandbag lifts and more. These are a ton of fun to do, keep lifting fun and

Currently we both our training to compete in the National Physique Committee. Amanda is competing in the Bikini division and Brooks is training in the Men’s Physique division. To reach our goals for this we need to cut down to a very lean physique each while maintaining our muscle mass.  Our training (and diet!) has had to be modified for these goals. The focus turned toward hypertrophy and well as proprioception for both muscle growth and to aid in our posing routines. To accomplish this we added a lot more volume through accessory movements, dropped our training weight and started lifting more days a week. Whereas with our powerlifting routine we lifting four days a week with each lift day dedicated to a movement.  We split into muscle groups: legs, back/biceps, triceps/chest and shoulders.  We increased our lifting days to 5-6 as well.  We kept the power lifts in our routines, ensuring we hit each one at least once a week.  We also still do skill work on strongman implements 2-3 days a week.

When it comes time to bulk after these shows we will tweak our programming once again. Hypertrophy will be a primary goal, but increasing the weights once again on our power lifts will be a high priority as well. We will always have powerlifting, traditional body building exercises and strongman implements as part of our workouts. Our main goal is to both get our IFBB pro cards, once we reach this goal Brooks has his eyes on doing a powerlifting meet.

The best place to track our workouts is on Instagram with Brooks posting as Narc1911 and Amanda posting as MrsNarc1911. If you would like custom programs or online coaching please visit our store for many affordable coaching options. 


Our focus when it comes to conditioning is varied circuits.  One of the main ways we’ve been doing this is through our medley relays using various implements, many of them taken from strongman competitions.

Strongman also broaches both topics of strength and conditioning since it helps build endurance and explosiveness. Each workout can be customized to your current goal whether it be increasing strength or conditioning. For example if you are focusing on increasing strength you would make the movements more heavy and do fewer reps or shorter distances. The cool thing is even when focusing solely on increasing strength, you still are bettering your cardiorespiratory fitness just through the nature of the movements.

Heavy and odd object carries mimic real life situations and encourage functional strength. Neither of us particularly cares for the overused term of “functional fitness” but everything we do has a purpose to help us become better and healthier at both daily activities and to survive and thrive, especially in a physical force situation. Emergency incidents are very rarely picture perfect and during dynamic moments (like rescuing your partner or carrying a heavy load of hose) you don’t always have the opportunity to set up to lift something exactly the way you want, so including odd object carries helps safely navigate those moments. They also increase core stability, something that is valuable when working with a heavy load on your upper body.

Another way we will do circuit work, a way Amanda love’s to train her at home clients, is using numerous explosive, agility, speed and core exercises. Typically this consists of 30 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds to get to the next exercise/station.  This will include kettle bell work, battle ropes, lunges, speed work, burpees, box jumps and other body weight exercises.

If you would like custom programs please visit our store for many affordable custom plans, e books, coaching options. 

Our Gym

We chose to invest in a home gym to do our training, which takes up the majority of our garage. Visit here for more details on Anchora Salutis Gym. 






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