Workout Programs

Our workout programs fall under three major categories, strength, conditioning and hypertrophy.

Our goal when it comes to fitness primarily is to be harder to kill and to live healthy. Other benefits to this is looking better, feeling better, having more energy for chasing around a horde of kids, enjoying an active life.  Working in law enforcement means that a degree of fitness is an absolute necessity.


Our main way of getting stronger is to follow a powerlifting program at all times focusing on the big three lifts: squat, deadlift and benchpress, with overhead pressing movements also taking a priority.

We currently both run Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program.  We also work accessory movements to compliment these lifts.  We have also integrated many of Chris Duffin’s Kabuki Movement Systems into our strength work, particularly his Shouldrok and soon to ad his buffalo bar



Wendler’s 5/3/1


Again, the focus of our work is to what will have a practical benefit in our lives. I don’t particularly care for the overused term of “functional fitness” but everything we do has a purpose to help us become better and healthier at both daily activities and to survive and thrive in a physical force situation.

Our focus this year has been running varied circuits for conditioning.  One of the main ways we’ve been doing this is through our medley relays using various implements, many of them taken from strongman competitions.

The other way we will do them is using numerous explosive, agility, speed and core exercises. Typically this consists of 30 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds to get to the next exercise/station.  Several of the exercises and concepts were taken from Pat McNamara’s Combat Strength Training, particularly the exercises working the transverse plane.


Combat Strength Training


Hypertrophy is defined as “the enlargement of an organ or tissue from the increase in size of its cells.” Quite simply this is training for increased muscle mass. Each one of our dedicated weekly lifting sessions contains elements of hypertrophy during our accessory work.

Combat Strength Training also has a great workout for this that we try to hit often as a full body killer.

Home Gym

We chose to invest in a home gym to do our training, which takes up the majority of our garage.

We have the following so far:
Rogue R5 rack
Rogue GHD
Iron Master Adjustable Dumbbells
Rogue Plyo Box
Rogue Fat Bells (pairs of 18, 35, 53)
Rogue Kettle Bells (18, 26, 35, 53)
Two Rogue Power Bars
Kabuki Duffalo Bar
Kabuki Shoulderok
Assault Airbike
Rogue drag sled
Cheap curl bar
Cheap bar set up on a landmine
Title Thai Bag
BJJ grappling mats

Recently added a bunch of strongman gear:
CFF 70lb log press bar
Homemade axle bar
Atlas Stones
400lb tire
Keg filled with sand
Homemade Sandbags

Various small accessories such as COC grippers, other grip stuff, mobility gear, boxing gear, bands etc.

We have some Beast Metal farmer’s walk handles, Rogue Push Sled and Texas Power Concepts Circus Dumbbell on order. We hope to add more strongman gear such as a yoke and more kegs along with more weights, a trap bar and a SS bar this year.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization 

Coming soon

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